1565 W Alameda Ave

Denver, CO

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Authentic Mexican Tacos

Take a look at some of our reviews from our satisfied customer!

Stop by our restaurant tonight for Mexican food with fresh ingredients!

La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas is locally and family owned!


"One word... BOMB!!! Had 5 different kinds of meat and they were all amazing!

Asada, Al pastor, Barbacoa, Tripas and Chorizo

One of the best salsa bars I've seen at a taco spot in Denver. Sucks that it's so far from me or else I'd be there every other day. "


-Pricscila P.



"Great local street taco and ect. Joint with character.


This is the place you want to go when you have that taco craving that can't be satiated with the trendy taco joints popping up all over town.


Let's get down to it,


Had the marinated pork and beef cheek tacos, both were good but the pork was so juicy and flavorful it stole the show.


They have a great salsa bar as well, some really good and spicy options with a verde salsa made with avocados that was spectacular.


Everything is in Spanish and it helps if you have some basic understanding of the language, but I'm sure someone there can help you if you're a super gringo."


-Tommy T.



"My absolute favorite Tripa taco (so far) in Denver.  And their Avocado Salsa Verde is flipping AMAZING.  I also love their Lengua, Al Pastor, Campechana, Cabeza, Carnitas, Pibil, and Chiva.  And don't get me started on their Agua Fresca.  I down a quart of Piña Agua Fresca every time.  I love that they don't treat me like the Gringa in the Ghetto (I definitely get approving looks every time I order the Tripa and the Lengua though!)


Their salsa bar is awesome.  Fresh cucumbers, radishes, limes, onions, cilantro, roasted jalapeños, 2 pickled onions (Mild and Holy Crap Habanero) and like  6 different house-made salsas.  Do NOT skip the Avocado Salsa Verde.  It's the mildest of the bunch but WOW.  I could drink the stuff.  


The place is so clean on the inside, so Pay No Attention to the Sketchy Hood it's in.  That's what makes it LEGIT.


This is my first choice for Tacos.  Now I want some."


-Jamie L.



"If you want authentic street tacos with an excellent selection of condiments and salsas for an unbelievably reasonable price, this spot is for you. You can mix and match from an enormous list of meats, each excellent in its own right. This place did not fail to deliver. My dining partner and I tried one of each with a rainbow of salsas and found each meat true to intended flavor (some were better then I've tasted in the area before) but even more impressive were the lovely variety of salsas and condiments; onion in habanero vinegar, onions marinated in chiles, radish, and at least 6 mentionable salsas. Wow.  It's not fancy dining, but we are talking street tacos, after all."


Sharon J.


la calle  best tortilla soup